Friday, 7 March 2014

Pssssssssst.....Have you heard?

Opera browser for Android updated with video chats via Web RTC, and more.

Opera Software has launched the 20th iteration of Opera browser for Android (the company is also calling it Opera 20 for Android), with a number of tweaks along with a major update for WebRTC, a real-time communication API definition.

With the WebRTC support, the updated Opera browser for Android gives users the option of video chatting directly from the browser app, eliminating the need to download other apps for the same. The WebRTC-enabled browser can also take up to eight users at a time in a video conference.

"You can visit a website to start a video call with anyone using a WebRTC-compatible browser such as Opera 20. All you need to do is visit a site such as, get an address for your video conference and share it with those you'd like to join," states Opera's official blog post.

Additionally, the updated Opera browser for Android will keep the user updated "on the camera and microphone usage", with the help of on-screen requests like seen previously in its desktop version.

In addition to WebRTC, the Opera browser for Android includes a number of features. The blog post lists them as:

-A fresh look for the Speed Dial reflects a flat design.

-Users of Opera for Android can now choose how to set up the browser navigation bars to suit their mobile phone or tablet.

-The Chromium core got a kick up to version 33, and multiple bugs in text-wrap and text selection are squashed.

-Improvements to search sees the combined search and address bar upgraded, allowing easier search by maintaining the words you search for in the bar.


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